Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Market Trend Remains Up

Sideways consolidation continued over the last week. The blog wasn't updated because of registration paperwork. We will discuss Investment Advisory registration in one of the upcoming posts.

Markets' sideways action remains intact. Even though in the last couple of days SP500 and US indices saw a relatively sharp decline, it did not impact the overall shape and form of the market.

Market Structure
SP500 is tracing out a diagonal pattern (shown below). One of the criteria of this pattern was to decline below C level, which it did yesterday. Now, the market needs to hold above yesterday's bottom to confirm that this pattern has been completed.

The overall market structure remains very choppy. This choppy action now spans over 4 months, which is a good enough time to correct the market through time. At weekly level this sideways action looks nothing more than a bull flag or pennant formation. And both of these are bullish in nature.

In terms of next market move, there are couple of options and will be determined by how the market participants react to the next rally phase. In either case, the minimum rally requirements would be above July 2016 high or around that level (SP500 = 2190).

Recent decline has also improve sentiment measures to suggest that a more sustainable rally is possible.

Fear/Greed indicator is at levels where it typically signifies a market bottom.

Similar another indicator just generated a buy signal and could mean that the trend is about to turn to the upside.

Market Classification Model:
MCM for stocks continues to be in a bull market. Therefore, the trend remains up and we will soon see a sharp rally. Even with yesterday's sharp decline, our strategy performed well. While SP500 was down 0.72%, we were up 0.20%. Another proprietary model is suggesting a sharp rally in our strategic allocation portfolio. We will see. So far by the grace of almighty, our proprietary portfolio is up ~20% YTD (after 10 months), which SP500 is up ~6%.

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