Friday, November 4, 2016

Market Approaches Key Levels

Market's decline is now almost 3 months old and sideways action is ~4 months long. In the beginning this action was purely sideways but recently, it has taken a sharper turn to the downside. With this decline comes an opportunity that the sentiment is getting worse by the day, while proprietary indicator remains in a bull state.

This worsening sentiment is essentially fuel for the market. Sentiment is one fuel which really kindles market rallies. Right now sentiment is at level normally seen at significant market bottoms, and the market structure is now supporting a potentially sharp rally.

Market Structure
Recent investigation of the market structure suggests that the SP500 along with other indices is tracing out a potentially corrective structure of 3 wave decline.

Following chart shows this structure. Wave C (3rd leg) seems like an ending diagonal. Ending diagonals take place towards the end of a market move and give way to a sharp rally. So once the market rallying, it could take-out many of the recent highs.

Similar pattern is visible in almost all major indices. Following chart highlights this structure in Dow Jones Industrial Average

Along side this market structure, stock market indices have also traced more than 50% of their rally since Brexit vote. This shows that recent correct is now very substantial and should be treated as a minor wave 2. If this is wave 2, it will give wave to a very sharp wave-3 rally.


Following charts show sentiment as measured through Fear/Greed indicators and AAII. Both of these measures suggest that the sentiment is in areas where we see significant bottoms.

However, the key is to be detached with the market. Know when there is potential for market moving events but stock to your plan. So far in 2016, our strategic investment portfolio has beaten the stock market by ~12%.

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