Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Gold Market - Approaching a Turn

Gold market has been declining for the past few months. This decline came after a very sharp start of the year rally in Gold. Based on gold market's fundamental, technical and sentiment analysis, Gold is approaching a bottom. From a technical perspective, there are three distinct reasons that point us towards an approaching Gold market bottom:

  1. Intermediate term Gold structure
  2. Longer-term goal structure
  3. Market Classification Model
Intermediate term Gold structure
Gold prices topped in early July. The peak in Gold prices coincided with Brexit panic. Since topping in July, prices have gone down in a choppy manner - characteristic of a market correction.

Even though Gold prices spiked on US election night, they went down and have declined since then. If we look at a slightly longer-term pattern, it seems like that the recent decline is part of a big corrective pattern that started in May. 

As a result, this correction will be wave 2 of the rally that started in Dec 2015. Once this wave ends, we will be in for a very sharp rally in wave 3. This rally will most likelt take the prices to near the all time high. Another evidence in this regard is the inverted head and shoulders pattern being carved out by the precious metal:

Inverted Head and Shoulders
Following chart shows weekly Gold prices over last few years. Once can see a nicely formed inverted head and shoulders forming. Once this pattern is completed, it's target is around 1800 level.

Other reasons to support the fact that Gold is approaching a major bottom is the pervasively negative sentiment as evident from Daily sentiment Index, Bullish Percentage Index or Hulbert Gold Newsletter Index.

Market Classification Model
Our proprietary Market Classification Model remains in a bull market. MCM utilizes prop trend identification algorithm to decipher between bull and bear markets. Currently it is in a Bull market. It entered a Bull in April and has maintained its posture since then. We use MCM to make investment decision and add positions.

In the next blog post, we will review sentiment analysis for Gold and fundamental reasoning for a gold rally.

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