1. Market Classification Algorithm (link)
    • Proprietary Bull / Bear Indicator for multiple asset classes
  2. Inflection Point Model (upcoming): 
    • Proprietary Market Timing algorithm
  3. Portfolio Composition Service (upcoming): 
    • Proprietary model combining multiple indicators, statistical analysis, long/short assignment and allocation strategy to define portfolio composition
    • Multiple portfolio options: No leverage, with leverage and with exotic assets
    • Portfolio option can be selected based on personal needs 
  4. Comprehensive offering (upcoming):
    • Provides portfolio composition based on MCM and prop allocation model
    • inflection point model turn window information
    • Market Commentary - Newsletter providing an analysis of the market, economic and social conditions
  5. Managed Accounts (Penta Capital Stratgies)
    • Allows investors to relax and have their portfolios managed through managed accounts services provided by Interactive Brokers
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To understand offering details and research that goes behind these offerings, please go to Research and Timing.


Timing the market is like trying to time an Earth Quake, you never know when will it happen next. Following is the logical flow of the Understand, Survive and Thrive, analysis factory.

  1. Trading is not an easy task, and therefore, it is always good to time tested have a few good/unique/time-tested tools in your arsenal to fight against the market
  2. Understand, Survive and Thrive will provide you with such unique tools, strategies and forecasting data, using which, you will hopefully succeed in market's competitive and blood wrenching environment
  3. Prices of these products and services will be governed by their popularity, usage, benefits and other circumstances. Please see subscription section for details. 
UST's systematic trading strategy dissects the market data using various indicators, structures and algorithms to decipher market internals, based on the proprietary Market Matrix theory. Market Matrix is then algorithmically combined to generate Market Barometer (delineates whether market is trending or reversing). Finally, Trading Algorithm incorporates this data and the Inflection Point Model's turn date to take long/short/neutral positions