Thursday, November 10, 2016

Post Election Investment World

We have been discussing stock market uptrend and upcoming bottom for the past few weeks (post 1, post 2, post 3). And as of today, DJIA futures are above all time highs (shown below).

Such a market action in the face of presidential uncertainty is amazing. Although it bodes very well for the overall economy, we will talk about potential Trump impact in the upcoming post.

From an investment perspective there are different scenarios that one needs to be aware of.

Stock Market:
As stocks break out into uncharted territory and Nasdaq approaches the vacuum zone, it means that we are on the cusp of a major rally.

Like many rallies before it, this rally will also be debated by market participants as to why would market rally while president's economic plan would mean job losses. However, the pattern suggests that the stock market remains in a bull trend.

In essence, the underlying economy is very strong and would result in strong growth without any external influence. We will discuss internal structure of the market in future posts.

Bond Market:
Bond market's sharp sell-off probably suggests that the long-term bond bull market has ended. We are probably on the cusp of a significant inflation cycle. Near zero bonds are a thing of the past. Even though we might see some respite from the Federal Reserves, which might hold-off on the decision to increase the interest rates, we are surely in for higher rates.

Following chart shows a very long-term bond yields. Post-election rally has broken a long-term down trend line - another confirmation of the trend change. We have been keeping track of this wave count for years now and have discussed potential bond yield bottom with clients.

Many of our clients bought houses, properties etc in the last 2 years!

This market behavior has significant consequences for investors and we will discuss these consequences in detail. However, one should keep in mind that this kind of behavior will not result in bonds going to stratosphere in the near future. In fact, after couple more months of rising yields, yields might see a very sharp correction.

Copper has rallied very sharply over the past few days. Precious metals rallied on the news of potential Trump win - fear trade, but since then have declined. This decline was a significant intra-day reversal. But the overall trend in metals remains up.

Gold could continue to rally in anticipation of a higher inflationary environment. So will the gold stocks. Gold and Silver are tracing out very interesting patterns and could have significant upside potential if the can break above 1320 in Gold. We will also discuss the gold pattern in the near future. Past analysis on gold accurately predicted the bottom in October.

Portfolio Allocation:
Our proprietary model has performed extremely well in 2016. It not only kept us in the market during relevant bull phases, it also enabled us to maintain our calm whether during Brexit shock or Trump shocker. Any portfolio that can:

  1. Yield returns which are uncorrelated to the market
  2. Save a lot of heart-burn when the market goes against you by 1000s of points whether in futures or cash
  3. Provide you consistent returns AND
  4. Mitigate volatility and provides very high Sharp ratio
by the grace of Almighty, is an amazing performance. We will write a white paper on the performance of the model portfolio in 2016 - a year of surprises and nerve wrecking market action!

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