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Engineering is a very unique field because it encourages analytical reasoning, fosters conspicuous contemplation,  and  promotes creative designs. This combination leads an individual to think about various aspects of personal life such as education, job and/or investments, from a very different perspective i.e. utilizing rational risk-reward analysis. As an undergraduate, I experienced these engineering induced changes in my personality.

Over the last 3 years, my personality has undergone an intellectual metamorphosis. This evolutionary process was accelerated by studying economics, finance, financial mathematics, socio-economics, human psychology, modern cultures and global events, along with electrical engineering. Thus, Understand, Survive and Thrive was born to share these real-life evolutionary experiences through the lens of the financial world.

The theme of this blog is to understand various subtle realities of our world from a socio-economic perspective, which will in turn benefit our lives and investments.

"Understand, Survive and Thrive" will explore the field of finance from a unique perspective. It will fuse multiple financial analysis techniques ranging from Cycle theory to Elliott Waves, and from Fundamental analysis to Technical methodologies, to decipher erratic stock market behaviors. Since stock market gyrations have wide ranging global policy impact, it is imperative to learn about their causes apart from what is stated in the media. In this journey, engineering psychology - creativity and ingenuity - will be our most active companion. It will be used to justify, debunk or combine different financial analysis techniques. 

Furthermore, Understand, Survive and Thrive will leverage the human behavioral aspect of stock market, to narrate and evaluate different real-world experiences. These experiences will enlighten the readers about broader impact of our everyday decisions on the social and investment realm. 

In short, the goal of this blog is to discuss economic conditions and financial markets, and to increase awareness about their importance through engineering based ingenious financial analysis.