Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Inflection Point Model - Performance Recap

Inflection Point Model predicted a market turn date on Oct 21, 2016. Market declined on the 21st and then rallied. The rally continued today and futures are up now. With new catalyst along the way in the form of earnings from Apple and Google, we can expect more gains. Good thing is that even with today's very powerful rally, there was no sell signal. This suggests that the trend remains intact and is strong.

IPM Output - Turn date 10/21/16
Following chart shows the IPM model's output, as shared on Oct 17th (link)
Market Structure
Analyzing IPM model in conjunction with the market structure showed us that the trend had been sideways to down since mid July. Hence, the likely scenario was for market to put in a bottom during the IPM turn window and rally.

Following chart shows the latest structure shared on the blog along with a blue box, highlighting potential market turn window.

Following chart shows performance of SP500 as of today i.e. after bottoming within IPM turn window on Oct 21, one can observe the green bar with a gap up. Today's performance shows that the market gaped-up but did not cover the gap, hence, hinting towards a strong move. At the same time, confusing so many market participants, who have been taking failure of rallies as the new norm. 

Next Steps
We will continue to evaluate the market with respect to its structure and Inflection Point Model. One of the biggest benefits of the IPM model is to forecast potential market turn dates. And when IPM turn dates are combined with Market Classification Modal, it paints a much clearer picture. 

Market Classification Model is bullish. Next run of the model will be in next few days. Once the model is processed, it will tell us whether the internal strength of the market justifies a continued bullish posture or should one be wary of market trend changes. This information will be shared with subscribers immediately, so that they may evaluate their long investment positions.

Tomorrow's market Action
So far the futures are up and we could see a  continuation of the rally. This rally has a lot going for it but there are some signs of tiredness appearing in the market. We will evaluate the market structure and next IPM turn window in upcoming posts.

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