Saturday, February 4, 2017

January 2017 - Performance Review

January was an interesting month for the markets. In the beginning of the month, markets continued to go sideways, which they had been doing for past couple of weeks - since mid December 2016. Then came the earnings and market zoomed higher. Although this rally was not as significant as post election rally in 2016, it did bring back a lot of enthusiasm. The rally continued with President's oath taking. However, it experienced some difficulty towards the end, with the immigration executive order confusion and protests across the United States.

Following chart shows how SP500 performed in the first month of 2017:

To summarize January action, it was a volatile month. Volatility does not only impact our portfolio, it hampers our investment decisions, self-confidence and risk-taking abilities. In order to reduce the impact of volatility and realize long-term consistent results, UST team develop proprietary strategies based on our 8+ years of investing experience, as documented in this blog and other sources.

These strategies went live with real money at the start of 2016. Their 2016 performance has been documented here (link). Our team is currently working on more than 5 strategies. Two of these strategies have moved to production, two are in beta phase and others are in final development phases.  

Investment Strategies

Two strategies (one conservative and other aggressive) will be used for clients' investment needs. These strategies are customized to meet the performance and risk profile needs of investors. These strategies utilized strategic and tactical portfolio allocation techniques, along with proprietary market timing methods to generate Alpha with extremely low correlation with the benchmark SP500. Hence, have very high Sharpe Ratios.

Following chart shows January 2017 performance of Conservative and Aggressive strategies, directly taken from the brokerage account.

Conservative strategy performed 4.53% and Aggressive strategy gained 11.36%, while SP500 was up 1.90% in January.

Performance of these strategies is also tracked on OpenFolio to see daily changes. Following chart shows daily YTD performance for the Conservative Strategy:

Interested ? 

There are two ways to follow and invest in the strategy:
  1. Utilize some of the offerings that UST offers (link). We will officially start sending our Market Classification Model updates in February 2017. And plan to add additional services in the next few months.
Overall, we will actively be working on this blog to ensure that all the services are streamlined. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or interact with the team via Twitter @survive_thrive. Please use the below sign-up button to register for free newsletter or other services:

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