Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Next Market Turn Window

Market is on a tear and there is no sign of backing-off. Sentiment as subsided in the past few weeks, which has given fuel for this bull to ramp on. Furthermore, there are no sell signals on the horizon that suggest immediate danger.

We remain long the stock market because our Market Classification Model remains bullish, which turned bullish on stocks in July 2016 and has remained bullish ever since. However, it is critical to understand potential future turn dates.

According to latest Inflection Point Model, stocks will likely experience turbulence towards the end of Feb 2016. Following chart shows the IPM model output.

IPM Model turn date is scheduled for Feb 28 (+/- 4 days). Most likely, this will turn out to be a top. However, we will continue to evaluate the market conditions for any sell signals, as we approach this turn date.

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