Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Downtrend Continues

Market resumed its decline in a major way today. More interesting than the decline was the muted reaction from the traders, as VIX did not spike. If fear doesn't spike with declines, it means that we have further decline ahead.

Market rallied last week but got way over-bought in just few days. In fact, a sell signal was generated on Friday. That sell signal resulted in decline yesterday from which the market initially recovered. However, it was too much weight for the market to carry. As a result, it gave way to serious selling today.

We have been maintaining that the stock market's inherent structure changed last year in August, and suggested a move to cash. Proprietary portfolio allocation model allowed us to diversify between bonds and short stocks. This portfolio has been performing very well so far this year (link). It is up +6.7% this year, while SP500 is down 6.7% this year. We will talk about latest results in the next post. Right mow, let's look at the structure of the market.

Nasdaq along with many other indices, is tracing out another head and shoulders pattern. This pattern is larger in magnitude than the prior pattern, and could result in substantial decline.

Over the next few days, market will fill the right shoulder of this pattern. Once right shoulder is filled and market breaks below the neck-line, significant decline can be in the offering.

Head and Shoulders are reversal patterns, and when you see a cluster of these patterns, as shown above, they become even more important. Overall, it means that the trend of the last 7 years has ended and we have entered a bear market. This would mean that the economy will slow down and we might see additional bad news coming from different market segments. Oil was the initial catalyst but now we could see other areas hurting.

However, many people are just realizing this new development and others are still oblivious to a market decline. But we prepared for this potential scenario and now are waiting for the downtrend to unfold over the next few months. Bonds remain in a bull market, as yields continue to decline.

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