Sunday, March 23, 2014

Market Structural Analysis

Market's structural analysis is confusing at this point in time. On one hand, one can decipher it as completed sequence of 1s and 2s, which will be followed by a sharp rally starting probably Monday. In order for this structure to remain intact, market cannot decline below Thursday's lows. One of the earliest confirmations will be a break above Friday's highs.

On the other had, it is possible that the market is undergoing a sideways consolidation before a wash-out decline. If this 2nd scenario is to pan-out, market should start the decline on Monday. Although a low possibility, this decline will be completed during IPM turn window. As a result, more buying will be done on the last day of the IPM turn window. IPM date information has been e-mailed to subscribers.

Based on time ratio analysis, further decline will not be good for the market structure going forward. Therefore, if the bullish posture has to have higher potential, market needs to rally. In any case, IPM Trade Matrix will govern our trade decisions.

IPM Trade Matrix's Trade 7's critical levels will be updated once IPM turn window expires and levels are identified.

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