Friday, March 14, 2014

Market Overview and Bullish Undertone

First, sorry for low level of updates as I had to complete a few projects. But now I am done and posts will be regular again.

Setup for a Rally is getting stronger and stronger. We will evaluate the IPM Trade Matrix signals in the next update. Right now, Market Barometer is tilting heavily towards the long side.

Please note that IPM Trade Matrix exited the long trade when SP500 was around 1875. Now the market is back below 1850. Last top was hit during the IPM Top Window, and now we are waiting for the IPM Trade Matrix buy signal during IPM Bottom Window.

Details have been emailed to subscribers about the exact turn dates.

$Gold has broken out. This has been mentioned several times on this blog & twitter (@survive_thrive). It might be a longer term bottom. 

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