Friday, July 11, 2014

Back Online & Quick Update

Have been keeping twitter account updated with latest developments.

  • 3-4 buy signals were generated in the past few days.
  • We still need higher prices within next IPM turn window
  • 3 out of 5 primary indices are still above June lows, which means that June IPM low was critical and has not been violated
  • Major earnings start today with Wells Fargo.
  • If the market declines into the earnings, it typically rallies as earnings start

Conclusion: In for possible fireworks till next IPM turn window. Added longs on this recent decline.

IPM update will be emailed to subscribers over the weekend.


  1. I question the i'm turn window or turn date...whatever u call it. Since u went long we've gone down or at best sideways. Seems like turn date should have been about 2 weeks later...If in fact we go up next week.

    If ur method is proven u wouldn't be dollar cost averaging when it's going down...or else u just got in too early.

    I can say today is the turn and then when it goes down just say I'm adding more because someday it will go up again.

    Regardless I hope ur right and it does go up but your method doesn't seem to work this time...or else the dates weren't right.

  2. Turn dates are what they are. I don't choose them, the model does. Only with the knowledge of next IPM turn window being a top, one can go long. If next turn window would have been a bottom, would have not gone long instead would have shorted.

    So without the turn date and nature of the turn information, you can only guess. And guessing is not investing, it is playing in the casino.

    Current turn is similar to April 2013. Upcoming days will be telling.


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