Sunday, June 15, 2014

Inflection Point Model & Father's Day Discount

Inflection Point Model update will be emailed to subscribers over the weekend. This update highlights the upcoming bottom date. Performance of the Inflection Point Model has been uncannily accurate. Detailed analysis of 95% accurate performance is included in the Research and Timing section.

Latest example is the accurate prediction of May 15 bottom:

May 4, IPM Model update stated:

"Latest IPM model re-run suggests that the next IPM Model turn window is scheduled for May
14, 2014 (+/- 4 days) and according to statistical calculation it should mark a market Bottom."

As we now know, markets bottomed on May 15 at 1862 and then rallied to 1955 in 3 weeks. An astounding 93 SP500 point rally or 5% rally (87% annualized gain).

However, many people who didn't believe in the model, were not able to participate in the sharp rally. For example, following comments were written on the blog on May 20. Unfortunately, these comments could not have been more mistimed, as the market (SP500) was at 1868 at that time. These comments highlight the power of emotions in trading and the importance of the Inflection Point Model, as a mechanism to reduce emotions and introduce a trading system. This emotional power is the reason why many individual traders loose money in the markets:

  1. I hope u were right, but today's market proves u wrong, again! Sorry, I m out~
    1. Without IPM turn window information, you are trying to understand calculus using 2nd grade math book.
  2. Or perhaps u may get one or two execuses for your failures
  3. however, successful trades tell everything. We are not your guinea pigs. Don't fool me twice!
  4. With today's 140+ decline, one should reconsider the purchase of your lucky system
  5. the ending diagonal pattern is matured and upside target is limited. I see no reason to put money at risk for only less than 5% successful break up trade. It's your responsibility to protect money for next 10-20% successful trades
  6. More, profit/risk ratio is 3/10, which is less than 1, it's definitely not a good try to enter long position

  7. Above example shows the importance of the Inflection Point Model. As a special Father's day promotion, we are opening only 5 subscription spots at a special discounted price. Please contact for details. Subscription details are located at: Subscription 

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  1. so are you out? or are you still in? how did the trade (as well as adds) do?


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