Sunday, April 13, 2014

IPM Analysis and Update

IPM Update will be emailed tomorrow

Weekly Model is being tweaked right now.

Last market decline has given has a very insightful understanding of the market and Inflection Point Model.

This is divided in to two parts:
1- IPM Trade Matrix enhancements to amplify profit, reduce risk and mitigate a change in trend.
2- Better forecasting ability, near the turn dates where we have seen Lower High or Higher Lows

Details will be published soon.

IPM Trade Matrix Trade 7 TNA was exited at 67.3

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  1. Since this is a holiday shortened week, we will run the final ipm model run with Thursdays data. Final data will be emailed to subs. Preliminary run shows the same top date as sent to subs last time. This turn will provide a good shorting opp. We will discuss the reasoning in the ipm update.

    Blog post frequency will be lower this week, but twitter will be updated. Blog post regarding next trade will be posted tonight.

    By the way, markets did complete the 8/4 test to the downside. So the trend is down.


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