Thursday, October 11, 2012

Market Matrix Analysis - Text Only

After 3 weeks of sideways action, market has setup a very unique opportunity to enter long with a stop below recent lows. 

Elliott Wave: Market seems to have completed a 3-3-5 correction in SP500, DJIA, Russell. And in case of Nasdaq, it appears to have completed 5-3-5 correction.

Earnings: Typically, when markets decline into the earnings season, it rises when the earnings start

Supporting Markets: 
Euro has held above its October 1, 2012 lows ==> Positive Divergence
Copper has held above its Sept 26, 2012 lows ==> Positive Divergence
Emerging markets have also held above their Sept 26, 2012 lows ==> Positive divergence

The market internals (Advance Decline, Tick, Trin, Volume Weighted NYMO) are strong and some are even showing positive divergences.

Trend is still up

Suddenly a lot of people have started giving weight to a correction possibility ranging from newsletter writers to individuals and from banks to websites. Therefore, with all the above positive developments, its possible that we might not see a significant decline, infact we might be very close to a bottom).

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Note: Risk management is the key!!

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