Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vix Up 20% - WHY??

Why is the Vix up 20%?  Just on the assumption that Greece is going to carry out a referendum??? Vix wasn't this high when EU did not have an agreement, but now they do have an agreement!!

If Greece's Prime Minister wanted to listen to the people of Greece, he would have listened earlier when they were protesting.

In any case, buying right here might be a very dangerous trade but can be a very interesting trade also, with markets re-testing the Up-trend demarcation MA. It also offers low risk entry for a quick profit!!

We will see.

Note: This trade does not mean that we are going to new all time highs, it just means that right now market is a little over-reacting.

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  1. Hi Naqvi, which means what you have predicted earlier about the uptrend is still valid?


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