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One year ago, on October 29, 2011 Understand, Survive and Thrive's first blog post was published. It has been a great year.

Today I will start by thanking God, who bestowed on me the passion, drive and skill of writing clearly and of explicitly conveying my message. Believe me it is a gift because at one point in my life, I did not know how to compose an essay. He also enabled me to comprehensively and uniquely analyze the financial markets (not as a full-time profession, but rather as a full-time hobby).

I would also like to thank all who have supported Understand, Survive and Thrive, by being a continuous reader of the blog posts and market analysis. And most importantly, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to my family and friends who encouraged, helped, and supported me during every aspect of life!!! Thank You all for your help and support..

Upcoming in November
Recent market research has brought forward few very interesting observations. These observations prompted a re-run of the Inflection Point Model on both Daily and Weekly time frames. It is important to note that weekly IPM turn dates have been very accurate in the past. Some of the past predictions of the Weekly IPM include: May 2011 top, July 2010 bottom, March 2009 bottom etc. So, when there is a turn date projected in this mode, it is worth noting.

In a nutshell, research shows that November and December can be very eventful. The question is: In which direction? Up or Down. These questions will be answered through following market analysis (will be sent to subscribers via e-mail):

  1. Weekly IPM update and its implications (NEW)
  2. Daily IPM update and its implications
  3. Market's structural analysis: Various potentials and strategies
  4. Market's sentiment analysis
  5. Regular and Customized Technical indicators 
  6. Supporting markets' structures
  7. Time symmetry and potential reversals
  8. Trading Algo Updates
  9. Market Matrix Update
  10. Market Barometer (NEW): Will statistically weigh all the above mentioned analysis techniques as parameters and then generate a total market directional probability

Note: Two new market analysis techniques will be introduced in November: Weekly Inflection Point Model and Autonomous Market Barometer.

All of this exhaustive market analysis will ultimately be combined into a single comprehensive Market Analysis report: "Market Analysis & TPI Story Line". This report will give a timeline based dissection of the stock market: How it ebbed and flowed, how it responded to various market shocks and how the Turn Point Identification Process unfolded. In future, it will be used as a blue print for maximizing UST services' potential profitability.

All market analysis components (mentioned above) will be available to the subscribers via e-mail. Although final decision about the pricing of the "Market Analysis & TPI Story Line" has not been taken, subscribers will receive at least 60% discount on this report, if not free. Although above mentioned analysis will take a lot of time and effort, hopefully it will help identify a very good trading opportunity for potentially significant profit generation.

Other Announcements:

  • Admin fee has been waived for 2011 
  • Market overview for October 30, 2011 will be published later in the week.
  • Q3 Newsletter will be issued either in late November or December, depending on market analysis work load.  
  • Subscription will close on November 1, 2011 (early morning)

In the end, I would again like to thank you for supporting Understand, Survive & Thrive. It has been an amazing journey.

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