Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trading Algo Generates a Sell Signal

Trading Algorithm generated generated a sell signal at 1322 (SP500) this morning. Hence, the trade was closed from 1300 to 1322 (~4.5% profit)

We will discuss the new market structure evolution, Inflection Point Model and Sentiment conditions in the next market analysis post.

Note: Upon re-running the Inflection Point Model, we realized that the model showed a potential market turn 3 days ago. This is the drawback of not having subscribers. You get lethargic and do not run your own models regularly. When there are subscribers (even just few), they keep you on your toes. Anyways, we will soon be releasing the introductory subscription details.

For now, please enjoy the soon to be released Past Calls page and the 95% accuracy.

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