Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Will Exit Longs Soon

IPM Top window will give way to a short trade based on IPM Trade Matrix criteria.


  1. I thought Dow had to hit new high first - before you go short.

  2. I still think that that will happen. But a preliminary sell signal was generated on Friday close. We still have some time till the IPM turn date expiration. Will go full short on the last day of the turn window.

  3. I have a thought - I think your short is wrong - but you'll hold it long enough to come accurate again and then claim it as correct. I think we're going up - until 2030-2050 before we short until 1920ish and then end around 2100 for year. But with that being said, I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. uh oh...Good thing only 80% and not 100%.

  5. Why are you not updating your blog much anymore? School? Computer problems?

  6. Will be going 100% long at the end of the IPM turn window.

    As for the blog, there is no real reason. Just taking some time off. Trying to develop a long-term model, which allocates assets between Precious Metals, Bonds, Stocks and Cash. The model will increase allocation to assets in bull market and reduce allocation to assets in bear market. This model can be very useful for 401K passive investment.

  7. Naqvi - maybe some tweaks need to be done to the model? You are timing it perfectly, just wrong direction every time.

    1. Is that the real reason why there are no updates anymore?


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