Sunday, February 3, 2013

IPM Model Update

IPM Model Update has been e-mailed to subscribers.

Update 2/4/13
Weekly IPM Model update (Special Report) has been e-mailed to subscribers. Weekly IPM Model output could have far-reaching impacts on the overall market.

Weekly IPM Model: 

Daily IPM Model generates turn dates which occur every 1-2 months because the data frequency is higher. Keeping this observation in mind, Weekly IPM Model will generate turn dates occurring every 4-5 months because the data frequency is low. However, these turn dates are often more significant than daily turn dates. 

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  1. This is it guys! Today was the top! Get ready to load up your guns again once the bottom is in!

    1. I mean Friday. Today was the frist decline.

  2. Well so much for the decline...

  3. Look at the SPX over teh last past 2 weeks. It has done nothing. That is a top. The SPX is ready to either decline a lot or decline only 15 points or so and they rally again. Actually, it has declined 15+ already and that could be the top. The reality is that the SPX is now in a correction mode. We'll see what happens. I am out of the Global markets as i write. I'm 100% cash. I sold all my investements. I made profits and it's enough for me. If the SPX goes up from here then so be it. All i have to do is wait for the next dip and buy.


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