Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Continuation and Happy Holidays!!

Mayan Calender ended but our civilization continued on (Thanks God). Although we all know that the world will end one day, that day was not December 21, 2012. "12/21/12" was all hyped up by vested interests to sell their doom & gloom products. Instead, it has marked the beginning of a new era. Hopefully, this era will be one filled with prosperity for all.

Next big thing is the New Year - 2013. I wish all of you a very Happy New Year. Next year Understand, Survive and Thrive will have many new features introduced on the blog, as I will be having much more time to concentrate on the markets. For Example:

  1.    Market Barometer
  2.    Podcasts
  3.    Custom analysis
  4.    Video analysis
  5.    IPM (weekly/monthly time frame)
  6.    Webinars
  7.    Courses
  8.    Business / Management Consulting

Please provide your inputs in regards with what seems most appropriate feature to introduce first.

As far as the market is concerned, we are currently seeing a classic example of Elliott Wave's evolving nature. SP500 and DJIA have recently completed a clear 5-wave decline format from Dec 18, 2012 top. Based on this development, market should continue to drop as per classic Elliott Wave analysis. However, based on other indicators (shared with Subscribers) market should start to rally soon. This confusion gives rise to the "Evolution of Elliott Waves" theory i.e. market structure evolves over time and will take the form least expected by the majority.

In terms of majority, sentiment surveys are optimistic but news headlines are very negative because of Fiscal Cliff uncertainty. Therefore, it is very hard to gauge the true market sentiment.

Under these circumstances, it is highly likely that majority of classic Elliott Wave practitioners will short the upcoming rise, and in doing so will create fuel for a sharp rally. This is because these shorts will be forced to buy, once the market starts to rally. As mentioned before on the blog and in the IPM update sent to subscribers, we should keep an eye on key market levels to understand the direction of market's movement.

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