Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year & IPM Turn date

In the last post, the following IPM chart was shown:
The market has risen into the above mentioned turn window. The turn window's last date was: 1/3/2012. So far market has peaked on this date. Therefore, markets should soon decline sharply.

At the same time, sentiment has become excessively bullish. This kind of behavior happens near the tops. 

Market's rise above Tuesday's high will invalidate the decline potential. Hence, one can define the risk of this trade with a stop above Tuesday's high. In other words: Short on a decline below 1268, with stop above 1285 (SP500).

P.S. I have been busy with another project, and that is why there have not been more frequent updates. 


  1. What is the 1st and 2nd profit objective on a decline? And when is the next turn window?


  2. We are over 1285! We are in a bullish market and going up. what do you all think?

  3. Its seems that ur analysis is not coming true after so long..

  4. Was out for a long time, was working on something else... To be honest, market has been acting very strange lately. Euro has continued to decline but markets have held up. It is an interesting point for the markets...


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