Friday, June 24, 2011

Future Rally & Risk Management!!

Today was a very exciting day. The market went down 200+ points and then came back up to close down just 60 points. While, Nasdaq and Russell 2000 ended positive. In my last post I mentioned that according to the Inflection point model, the market might have bottomed and the trading algorithm gave a partial buy signal. This observation remains true so far.

Now, if the market (SP500) declines below the 1258 low, made on June 16, after Monday, then we might be in some serious trouble. Otherwise, we might soon be seeing a good rally. I will write about trading algorithms full buy signal when it will be generated. Since this algorithm catches long term trend, it is imperative that one should obey the partial buys and full buys, as they are generated. 

Last week, I shared the Market Matrix with few people who inquired about subscription, and will post it on the blog within one week. The conclusion of the Market Matrix was that we are very close to a bottom with majority of the fields being green.

In July, Understand, Survive and Thrive's second Newsletter will also be released. In order to make it interactive, I would appreciate your suggestions for the newsletter.  

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