Saturday, October 30, 2010

What is Understand, Survive & Thrive? - Part 1

Engineering is a very unique field. It encourage analytical reasoning, fosters conspicuous contemplation,  and  promotes creative designs. This combination leads an individual to think about various aspects of life, job, investments and above all the notion of success, in a very different way. While I was an undergraduate, I started experiencing these engineering induced changes in my personality.

Over the last 3 years, I have experienced a logical evolution of my personality. This evolution was accelerated by the economically problematic and self-enlightening year of 2008. As a result of these events, I started studying economics, finance, financial mathematics, socio-economics, human psychology, modern cultures and overall analysis of global events. Throughout this analysis, I have tried to relate my findings with real life experiences.

Therefore, in "Understand, Survive and Thrive", I would like to capture and share this continuously evolving analysis of life, economics and sociology. The theme of this blog will be to understand some of the realities of our world from a socio-economic perspective and how can one use this perspective to benefit his/her life.  

In the 2nd Part of "What is Understand, Survive and Thrive," I will further discuss some of the topics that will be discussed on this website.


  1. It seems like an interesting blog. Lets see how it goes. I will try to keep up with your work.

  2. It is really interesting, keep it up.

  3. Nice blog! I think your posts might just help many of us in determining where do we want to use our engineering/financial skills. Thus, I am looking forward for the part 2. I hope you will post it soon.

  4. Farhan, you are so true about relating those findings with real life, that one unique quality will take you miles, I will follow with your blogs from now on.


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