Thursday, September 22, 2016

Federal Reserves and Market Action

The Fed announced holding the rates and provided guidance for potential increases in future. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. It was highly unlikely for the fed to raise rates at such time before the elections. However, the more interesting reading came from the dot-plot.

Fed uses this plot to provide guidance regarding future interest rate path. Median of the dots show a curve where Fed officials believe interest rates should be over the next few years.

Following chart shows the plot:

Along with the dot plot, above chart also shows the median projections for the next few years as taken in June and September. As one can see these estimates have come down a lot. As a result, the expectation of interest rise have also decline.

Once this expectation declines, it gives was to higher bond prices and lower yield. At this time, higher bond prices would mean more liquidity, thus being favorable for the overall asset class complex. This situation will surely change one day. For now, we are in an uptrend. In yesterday's analysis on Pre Fed and Bank of Japan announcement, we shared same outcomes

Market Classification Model has been bullish on Bonds for years now. And it seems like there is no reason to bail-out on bonds just yet. Even though many financial gurus have been predicting an inevitable bond demise, which will happen one day, current situation is supportive for a bond rally. As long as trend remains up, forecasts for bond collapse will not come to fruition. Therefore, it's imperative that one remains with the trend.

At Understand, Survive and Thrive, we use Market Classification Model to stay aligned with the trend. MCM is an algorithm based on some of the most time-tested market indicators and their inter-relations to determine when the trend changes, so that we don't stay on the wrong side of the trend for long.

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