Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pre-Federal Reserves and BoJ Analysis

Sideways Action Continues

This week, so far, has been as uneventful as prior week. Yesterday, markets opened higher but then sold-off towards the end to close slightly negative. Today, markets closed slightly positive. Since last Monday, market has gone net sideways without any major directional move.

Following chart shows that today we closed at the level where we close on Sept 9th, when the world was coming to an end and DJIA had just declined ~4%

Markets are like a coiled spring. And it seems like the entire world is waiting for the Central Banks. Bank of Japan is going to announce its policy statement early in the morning, while Fed announcement will come at 2 PM.

Bank of Japan and Yen

From Bank of Japan perspective, they would like Yen to decline because that was the catalyst to push Nikkei higher couple of years ago. Right now, Commitment Of Trader data (shown below) shows that the market is ripe for another decline in Yen, which means that its likely Japan will reduce interest rates further or introduce some sort of monetary stimulus.

If BoJ stimulates the market and forces a decline in Yen, we can expect a rally in the indices.

Technology getting ready for a Break-Out

While the US markets have been going sideways, Nasdaq has traced out an inverted head and shoulders near all time highs (shown below):

These highs are 16 years old and there is vacuum above this level. If this pattern holds, we can expect a sharp rally in the near future. This rally can start in parallel with central banks announcements or it can start after a decline following Federal Reserves announcement. In any case, this is a very positive development for the market.

If Nasdaq can lead the market, we can be sure that the overall market will follow and that the recession talk will substantially subside. According to Market Classification Model, we remain in an uptrend. Uptrend typically results in rallies and market participants find reasons to be bullish even in front of negative news.

Strategy Performance

Our proprietary model has been performing very well so far this year. Even with recent 2.5 month sideways consolidation, model is up 22.1% vs 6.3% rise in SP500. We will continue to monitor the performance of this model and share updates. This model will be available for investors to replicate or invest in towards the end of the year.

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