Thursday, September 22, 2016

Correction Complete - Approaching Vacuum

Near term market structure suggests that market has just completed a correction. With intermediate trend up and recent sell-off triggering several buy signals, it seems like we are on the cusp of a major rally.

Following chart shows the correction count, since early August.

Since August 8th markets have gone sideways. This sideways action culminated on 9/9 with 400 point decline in DJIA. If the market had rallied right after September 9th bottom, people would have accepted this bottom easily. But sideways action over the past week of so with federal Reserves uncertainty really pushed many market participants out of the market.

Next wave would be wave -3 and a sharp rally. Furthermore, market is now entering Vacuum territory.

Vacuum in Nasdaq
After consolidating near all-time highs for almost 2 years, Nasdaq is about to really break out. This break above 16 year highs, puts Nasdaq in unprecedented territory.

Following chart shows that there is Vacuum above this level and could suck the market higher and leave many of the market participants behind.

Believe me its a very difficult thing to buy at all-time highs. And that's why we developed a strategy to align with the trend with proprietary Market Classification Model, in conjunction with tactical allocation and strategic evaluation. This model has performed amazingly well since it's launch on January 1, 2016 (Performance). 

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