Sunday, February 16, 2014

IPM Model Update & Gold Breakout

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IPM Trade Matrix Updates: IPM Trade Matrix Update - Trade 5 (Part 4)

Gold & Silver are breaking out. There are several reasons to be optimistic about their prospects:
  1. 8/4 Test has been completed to the Upside in both Gold and Silver on both dail and weekly time frames. This suggests that the trend has reversed, and we should start looking for upside surprises. 
  2. Long-term trend lines have been broken to the upside.
  3. Sentiment had reached pessimistic extreme few weeks ago, which was in line with a generation precious metal bottom
  4. Bottoming process took its due course which is encouraging for the market
  5. Miners have really started out-performing the metal. This is another exciting and encouraging sign.
  6. Rally from the bottom has been impressive, and suggests a new trend has started.

Confirmation of a new Bull market will be a rally above 1460 in Gold.

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