Wednesday, February 19, 2014

IPM Trade Matrix Update - Trade 5 (Part 5)

Trade Overview
Today's market action was very constructive. While on one hand large caps like DJIA and SP500 absorbed recent gains by going sideways, small caps and tech stocks rallied sharply. This rally in small caps is a very encouraging sign for the broader market rally. Furthermore, breadth during this rally has been very impressive. 

Following chart shows a smoothed Advance/Decline line. According to this chart, market breadth hasn't been this strong in a while. 

Please note that this chart has two implications:
  1. We won't enter a new bear market right away i.e. current rally has a ways to go: 1929 comparison should not be taken seriously
  2. We might be approaching an overbought area and could see a pull-back over the next couple of weeks.
This chart also confirms IPM Trade Matrix's buy signal. The only difference is that the IPM Trade Matrix generated its signal several days before the breadth jump. Therefore, IPM Trade Matrix is a real-time actionable system with greater profit possibilities. 

Our Elliott Wave structural analysis of the market suggests that the market is in a firm uptrend. We are at least a week away from an intermediate term correction. Please note that this will not be a serious correction. It might just fill-out the right shoulder of the Inverted Head and Shoulder pattern (discussed earlier). IPM Top date has already been e-mailed to subscribers.

As evident from the above chart, market has just completed a sequence of 1s and 2s. As long as the stop levels are not broken (outlined below) we will stay long. If profit objectives for TNA are hit, we will bring our trailing stops closer per IPM Trade Matrix definitions and will let the market decide its next move.

Elliott Wave analysis cannot be completed without sentiment analysis. And current sentiment analysis suggests that we are still not seeing optimism in the market. This is  very good for the health of this rally. We will keep an eye on the stop levels and profit objectives, as we are approaching the end of Trade 5 per IPM Trade Matrix.

IPM Trade Matrix 2014 Trades

TRADE - 1: (Long) = +2.6%
TRADE - 2: (Short) = +9.3%
TRADE - 3: (Long) - Non IPM Trade Matrix trade -0.2%
TRADE - 4: (Short - 1/31/14 to 2/5/14) +7.25% 

TRADE - 5: Long
Long TNA at 70 ==> new TNA basis = 69.94 (added few longs today) 
Longs were initiated on 2/11/14 and 2/13/14 based on IPM Trade Matrix Trigger and Elliott Wave structure. More might be added if opportunity comes within IPM turn window. 

Condition: Bottom within IPM Turn Window  
Trigger: Rally above SP500 = 1789, DJIA = 15790, Russell 2000 = 111.5, Global Dow = 2401
Supporting Indicators: Up trend (8/4 did not complete), Next IPM can be either Top/Bottom

Profit Target 1: 1870
Profit Target 2: 1930

Stop: Break below 1750 (valid till we are within IPM Turn Window)
Trailing Stops: Break below 1790 (SP500) and 15780 (DJIA)
Typical IPM Trade Matrix Risk: 1.5%
Actual IPM Trade Matrix Risk: 1.3% (Entry = 1813, Exit = 1790, Risk = 1.3% )
Risk Reason: There are multiple reasons to be worried: 1929 stock market parallel, 8/4 Test to the downside is in process (will be invalid at new highs) - almost invalid, and major IPM Bottom window in process - almost invalid.  

Applicable Rule (There are 7 Rules in the IPM Trade Matrix. Following are applicable to the market right now): 
  1. Do not go long or short without trigger to prevent losses by market moving against you.  
  2. Exit half at profit objective 1. Exit full at profit objective 1 if proprietary momentum continuation signals are not present.
  3. Observe stop-losses to minimize draw-downs

Note: IPM Trade Matrix Trades will be posted in the first half of 2014. This is an experiment to understand and enhance the capabilities of this Matrix.

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