Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Markets Overview and Further Decline Possible

Yesterday's sideways action flows very nicely with the wave 4 argument. Wave 4s give way to wave 5. Therefore, we should expect another down draft in the very near future. Following chart shows the updated market structure.

In order for this structure to remain valid, market should stay below 1770. Once we break below recent lows and enter the 1730 area, we will near the end of Wave 3 of a higher degree. SP500 target levels is between 1722 and 1730.

This 5-wave completion could have two possibilities:

  1. Immediate sharp rally
  2. Immediate rally but more of a sideways market action, followed by another low
  • Scenario 1 would mean that markets will likely rally to new all-time highs.
  • Scenario 2 would mean that markets have entered a downtrend and one should be careful of rallies. 
From a Market Matrix perspective, it seems like market wants to decline to lower levels and this decline is not over yet. Sentiment is also not showing pessimistic extremes. Above all, one should wait for the IPM Turn Window to pick the bottom. Therefore, we will keep on analyzing the market for further clues and see how things evolve. This analysis will help us in next IPM Trade Matrix trade.

Please note that latest IPM Trade Matrix trades have been updated on the blog at: 

IPM Trade Matrix - Trade 4 (Part 3)

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