Thursday, February 23, 2017

Market Behavior and Impact on Gold

Market Overview

Markets have rallied very significantly. First burst of the rally was after election till mid-December and the second burst has been from end of January till today. Impressively, our proprietary Market Classification Model remained long stocks during this entire period. Model turned bullish soon after Brexit and has remained bullish since July’16.

Although in the hindsight one can easily say that the market rallied and it was prudent to remain long throughout this time, most of the market participants did not stay long. In fact, there have been significant bursts of pessimism during this rally. For example:

  • Brexit induced anxiety
  • Election related stress
  • Post-election disbelief
  • Post Executive orders convolution

However, these kind of market panics are the very reason why this market has been able to rally this far – Market likes to climb a wall of worry.

Now that stocks have rallied sharply over the last two weeks, we are approaching a period of consolidation. Consolidation doesn’t mean a sharp decline rather a period of sideways action like we saw in January, to digest recent gains. A potential scenario is market topping towards the end of February, according to Inflection Point Model and then consolidating till next earnings reports to justify high prices.

Once this consolidation phase arrives, other assets like Gold are likely to outperform.


Gold has been consolidating for some time. And this consolidation is supported by a series of higher highs and higher lows, which means that the next stage rally could be very significant. Gold also remains in a Bull market and would be an ideal candidate for a continued rally.

Following chart shows Gold performance over the past 2 months, where a steady uptrend is clearly visible.

Gold stocks are also tracing out higher highs and higher lows. In fact, following chart shows a potential head and shoulders pattern being crafted out by the Gold stocks. Once this pattern is completed, Gold miners can easily make a run for the summer 2016 highs.

 Latest MCM report included details about Gold’s uptrend and where the trend is with respect to the overall bull market.

Upside potential is further amplified by the fact that Gold performs very well in an inflationary environment and with rising interest rates, we are likely entering an inflationary environment.

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