Friday, August 19, 2016

Bond Market Update and Impact on Stocks -

A very quite week from all perspectives. Even with the Federal Reserves meeting minutes, the overall temp of the week remained slow. All of the major asset classes went sideways. SP500 was up +0.2%, while Bonds were down -0.5%. This kind of market action suggests that last week was very non-eventful and something big is coming-up in the near future.

We have already talked about the next stock market turn window - scheduled for around August 30th. Analysis suggests that the next turn would most likely be a near term top.

Therefore, with a turn window approaching and Jackson Hole summit scheduled for next week, there is a very good potential of market rallying next week.

Bond Market Bear Scenario

Typically if stocks rally, bonds decline. At the same time, bonds have other reasons for a decline. From a technical perspective, bond market is tracing out a bearish pattern. Following chart shows bonds consolidating in a triangular form, after July's sharp decline. Typically, this kind of consolidation is followed by a break in the prior direction.

Another reason to consider this scenario is that blue average can act as magnet on this decline. This decline will have deeper consequences for the entire market for the month of September. We will discuss these consequences in the next post.

Bond Market Bull Scenario

Just to provide a perspective on market action, good investors should also consider all the scenarios. From a bull perspective, market seems to be undergoing a sideways correction in a triangle form. This consolidation will result in an immediate break to the upside.

The problem with this scenario is that, this would mean stocks would go down. However, it seems unlikely because the Jackson Hole meeting and IPM turn window suggest a stock market rally.


A bond market decline and stock market rally makes the most sense. But please keep in mind that Bonds and stocks both are in bull markets, according to our proprietary Market Classification Model. MCM has kept us on the right side of the trade and has resulted in some amazing YTD results in 2016.

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