Monday, October 17, 2016

Market Timing (IPM Model) & Structure

Just re-ran the Inflection Point Model and it seems like the next turn window is approaching fast. It is scheduled for October 21, 2016 (shown in chart below)
As you can see from the above chart, last turn window was on Sept 26, 2016. And the market topped on Sept 22, 2016, followed by ~3 weeks of sideways action. Following chart shows the best market structure representation with latest timing information

Market is still in a sideways correction. In fact, the 2nd portion of this correction took the shape of a triangle (X). Now it is in the final leg of this decline. So far, this last leg of the decline has been tracing out 3 waves, which means that this might turn into an ending diagonal.

Last wave will be sub-divided into 5 parts. 2 of 5 have been completed. The market could bottom in the area of 2090-2065 (SP500).

A signal of bottom will be generated by a buy signal generated within the IPM turn window. Confirmation will be received by a rally above critical proprietary levels.

Overall market trend remains up and this correction should give way to a sharper rally. Seems like market is setting-up for a wash-out to scare enough people out of the market, so that a big year end rally can start.

If your already long, stay long. If you want to go long, wait for another few days and then start adding longs.

Market Classification Model
Market Classification Model (MCM) remains bullish on the US stock market. It turned bullish in July 2016 and has remained bullish through last 3 months. Even though many market pundits have been advocating a sharp decline.

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