Friday, May 8, 2015

Portfolio Positions - Dollar Tree

Sideways action continued this week also. This sideways action can be very demoralizing for regular market watchers, as no one really knows what will happen next. But there is a famous phrase on the street, which says that "one should not short a dull market." Although this market is not dull on a day-to-day basis, it has been pretty dull over the last few months.

Good investors make money in these type of markets by selling stocks that have already rallied during this phase and re-distributing proceeds into positions which have not performed so well. In this way, they are better positioned to take advantage of potential rally.

A very good example in this regard is Amazon. Amazon declined throughout 2014 after topping around 400 in late 2013. While Amazon was declining, it was a good opportunity to accumulate. Since Amazon was in a bull market based on proprietary model, adding to long positions paid off big time in 2015 with Amazon rallying from 300 to 430 in just 4 months. Therefore, the gains would have been amplified, as one would have bought multiple shares at lower price.

The goal of the new model is to buy good businesses that actually sell tangible products or services. This would mean that investors are actually investing in good companies.

The most recent example in model portfolio is Dollar Tree stock. Dollar Tree rallied in the first two months of this year, but since then it has been declining. As a result, proprietary allocation model increased the exposure in Dollar Tree in May because it is in a bull market. Model will keep on changing the ratio based on analytic modeling, as long as the stock remains in a bull market.

If the stock is truly in a Bull market, it will rally sooner or later and thus, gains will be amplified. If not in bull market, portfolio will exit the stock position on proprietary triggers. We will see...


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