Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eye Opening Scenario!!

Today's rally was very exciting as it proved us & the IPM Trade Matrix right (by the grace of God). Recent market action underscores the importance of the following:

  1. IPM Trade Matrix: Objective market trading/investing tool
  2. Evolutionary nature of markets. If one wants to be successful in markets, he/she cannot be stubborn.
  3. Market analysis through various tools, to come to a logical conclusion.

For example, up until mid-March we were expecting to see a major top in May 2014. Then in late-March, it was identified that there was a weekly IPM turn window. This observation highlighted the potential of a much more significant bottom to be followed by a sharper rally. And today's analysis suggests that there is a very unique potential of an inverted head and shoulders being traced out by the U.S. markets (shown below). If this is true, markets will soon experience a very sharp rally.

This rally will take many market analysts by surprise, as most are expecting a sharp correction. And are forgetting the fact that market has been correcting with time for the past 4 months. Even if this possibility does not materialize, the risk-reward ratio is very good.

First chart shows SP500. Potential target for the breakout would be: 2000. 

Following chart shows DJIA. Potential breakout target would be 17,500.

These scenarios are supported by the Weekly IPM Turn date (sent to subscribers), recent shift in the sentiment picture (Optimism to Pessimism), and Elliott Wave count. Above, this scenario will be nullified, by a decline below Tuesday's (4/8/14) low. Details of IPM Turn Widows & implications are emailed to subscribers on a regular basis.

There has not been any changes to the IPM Trade Matrix - Trade 7. Details will be published tomorrow.

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  1. dj spx seems going south, nikkei broke the head and shoulder neckline, guess global market gonna crash in coming days


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