Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quick Market Update

  1. Emerging Markets have re-entered Bull Market
  2. Global Stock markets continue to be in Bull Market since December 2012.
  3. Will be buying on a dip, based on Trade strategy.
  4. Next significant top (at least for 2 week decline) will occur near next IPM top window (subscribers know the date)
  5. Weekly IPM model has been analyzed, and new date has been received
  6. Based on recent rally and re-emergence of emerging market Bull, it is likely that a Major Top will take place near Weekly IPM Model turn date.

Near term, market is over-bought, over-crowded  and over-optimistic. It will go through some consolidation over the next few days!

Details will be published later

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  1. To clarify when I said buy on dip, I meant re-entry. Original pong trade was started around 1645 and edited around 1710.

    M naqvi


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