Thursday, January 3, 2013

UST Quarterly Review

Market (SP500) gained more than 60 points from the Dec 28 bottom in less than a week. These returns when normalized for annual returns come out to be 4.25 * 52 = ~ 220% per year. In other words, it was a sharp rally and took a lot of people by surprise. However, the best part of this rally was that UST subscribers caught most of it.

First of all, I would like to humbly thank God who enabled me to make these accurate predictions through the IPM Model. Secondly, UST team is very excited by the fact that many blog readers benefited from these predictions.

In this post, I will be comparing what was has been predicted by the IPM model since October 2012 i.e. October 2012 to Dec 2012, against what actually happened. Although the predicted market trajectory was just a hypothetical sketch, October/November/December market action very closely followed the projected trajectory.

What is IPM?
Inflection Point Model is a statistical algorithm which utilizes Signal Processing techniques, along with logarithmic calculations to decompose market data into multi-frequency sinusoids. Frequencies with greatest data influence are then analyzed to identify market turn points. This technique can be implemented on Daily, Weekly and Monthly time frames, to come up with most significant turn dates.

Note: IPM model is being improved with numerous new prediction techniques, so that accuracy and reliability can be increased. 

If interested in IPM Model Subscription, please fill out the form below. Next IPM Model update will be sent to Subscribers on Sunday (1/6/2013). IPM Subscription will be closed after a limited number of subscribers to maintains models validity. 

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  1. Japan keeps rocking as of right now. almost 3% as we are speaking. Wow! Wish i bought some of that.


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