Monday, December 3, 2012

Emerging Market's Global Implications!! Buy or Sell?

As mentioned in the blog post dealing with the Emerging Markets, it initially seemed like there was a huge Head and Shoulders pattern brewing in the market. The Head & Shoulders patterns, as mentioned previously, can be either a top or a bottom formation depending on whether it’s upright or inverted.

However, recent Emerging Market analysis suggests that instead of the bearish Head and shoulders formation, market might be tracing out a very bullish pattern. Since Emerging Market’s chart is very similar to the Global Stock Market Index (shown below), it has far reaching implications for the global stock markets.

A detailed (5-page) special report will be e-mailed to subscribers by Wednesday. In this report, Global Stock Index & Emerging Markets will be analyzed from the following perspectives:

  1. Market Structure
  2. Elliott Wave Analysis
  3. Proprietary Resistance/ Support line
  4. Technical strength of recent rally
  5. Key price levels to keep in mind
  6. Fundamental analysis
  7. Long-term impact the two patterns

Hopefully, this analysis will clarify market’s potentials over the next few months and probably next year.

This report is FREE for subscribers. If interested in this report, please fill the form below and the report will be e-mailed to you. 


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  2. A special 8-page Stock Market Analysis report has been e-mailed to the subscribers!!! Please feel free to ask questions over here!!

  3. Naqvi, I just read your analysis. It looks as though there is no reason to "jump all in" into the market at this point and to wait for the IPM window to see how your scenerios play out. Either way, bull or bear, the amount of potential market movement from your analysis is huge. Thanks! Brad

  4. Brad, Naqvi also said that the US markets have gone up on top of all other markets. This is a bullish sign. My strategy is to stick with the US Markets as i am still invested 50% and 50% cash. I'll stick with it until January or so. I hoping this bottom in Dec 17 will spark a new bullish medium term up trend.


  5. posting is so much better now! : )


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