Saturday, September 3, 2011

UST Trading Algo - Performance Evaluation..

As per the Trading Algorithm update posted few days ago, and per this mornings comments, UST Trading Algorithm exited the remaining long positions at 1177 (SP500). Hence, the total trade profitability was: +2.6% in two weeks.

Overall, August has been very profitable for the Trading Algorithm:

1- Shorted Market on August 18, 2011
2- Covered Shorts and Trading Algorithm went long on August 23, 2011: +3.15%
3- Exited Long on August 25, 2011: +3.2 %
4- Trading Algorithm went long on August 26, 2011
5- Trading Algorithm exit 1/2 long positions
6- Trading Algo exited all long positions at 1177 on September 2, 2011: +2.6%

PERFORMANCE EVALUATION: (August 1, 2011 to September 2, 2011)

SP500 (1292 - 1174): -9.1%     vs     UST Model: +8.95%     =>     UST Net Gain = +18.1%


  1. Trading is a probabilistic game
  2. E.W. is a good guide for future market direction, potential turn points and prospective profit objective ==> There are no guarantees with Elliott Waves
  3. UST Trading Algorithm minimizes probabilistic uncertainty by taking profits at predefined profit objectives. These profit objectives are statistically calculated by keeping in mind market's nature and the highest probability price target, to optimize profitability while minimizing volatility.
  4. Expected value of profits taken at higher probability level is always greater than waiting and hoping for the market to rise extra couple of percents
  5. Taking early profits allows one to keep some powder dry, in order to pounce onto a new opportunity 

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