Monday, July 28, 2014

IPM Model Update

Latest IPM Model Update has been emailed to subscribers:


"Next week’s economic calendar is fairly busy along with several earnings reports. We will be
getting the 2nd quarter GDP report, Fed Meeting is scheduled,  ... 

If one of these reports results in a significant market decline or a rally, investors might conclude that the trend has reversed and one should either short the market or go long. However, the benefit of having access to the Inflection Point Model’s turn information is that one knows that they should either short on a rally or go long on a decline, with pre-defined risks. Rather than being pre-consumed with media headlines and getting whipsawed."

Whipsaw is the enemy of a trader in the long-run. It not only results in losses but also damages the confidence.

In this update, next IPM turn date is also highlighted. Next turn date is schedule to be a _______. Based on the next turn date information, one can properly navigate the trade


  1. Are you there Naqvi? Haven't heard much lately?

  2. Yes. Waiting to enter full long.

  3. Market is interesting especially with today's amazing GDP report.


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