Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last Quarter of 2010 - (What is U, S & T? - Part 3)

During the last quarter of 2010 (next few months), I will address the following topics at this website. These posts will be intriguingly short, uncannily thought provoking and direction oriented. Furthermore, I will always be open to suggestions and comments. These comments will help me learn more, refine my financial perspective and update analytical conclusions based on reader's comments.

Featured Discussion
Stock Market: The Intelligent Evolution
  1. Introduction
  2. Intelligent Being
  3. Investor psychology
  4. Socio-economic perspective
  5. Making money: quantitative strategies
  6. Statistical significance of market: Long run probability of success (t -> ∞)
  7. Financial Analysis Techniques - categorization (Justify or Debunk)
    • Fundamental Analysis
    • Technical Analysis
    • Cycle Theory Analysis
    • Quantitative Trading
    • Elliott Wave
  8. Conclusion and Interaction
Goal:             Indentify the short-comings and the advantages of various financial analysis techniques. Try to combine these techniques based on their individual attributes.
Note:            Although I could have used the featured discussion section to discuss the stock market and different investment possibilities, I would rather use this opportunity to explore and understand the core of financial markets i.e. their mechanisms, behavioral significance  and analytical techniques.

- About Me ( 2 parts)
- Stock Market Analysis  
- Surprising real world observations & stats  


  1. This blog is bringing out to an interesting viewpoint. The goal of every market technician should be to learn the markets not just wish to make money.

  2. U r awesome.. can't wait for another post.... :)


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